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Business Photography and Video

Weeks360 is a one-stop source for business imaging. We pioneered Google Street View Trusted virtual tours in the UK when it launched in 2012, and four years on, Weeks360 has created hundreds of virtual tours across nearly every business sector.

We understand that image is everything, and as such, our commitment to beautiful imagery goes far beyond just virtual tours. With our Drone Photography/Video service and corporate video offerings, we help our clients create still and moving imagery that is both beautiful and practical.

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Our Services

The Weeks360 Team provides several categories of digital photography and video services:

Virtual Tours

Allow customers to explore the inside of your business in the same way as Google Street View.

Custom Interactive Tours

Add a layer of content over your virtual tour to enable your clients can interact with your business even further.


Let Weeks360 help your business tell its story through moving pictures including timelapse.

Still Photography

Showcase your business with brand-defining photography.


Innovate your web content with subtle movement within a static image. Ideal for the home page banner.


Have an object that standard photography won't do justice? Let us create a 3D model.

Virtual Tours

Weeks360 can create a virtual tour for your business. But that's only part of the story. Add menus, call to actions and rich content to further provide a tailored experience for your customers.

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Interactive Virtual Tours

Using your virtual tour as the foundation, Weeks360 can create a custom tour with overlays for information, in-tour navigation, calls to action, and powerful analytics to monitor how your users interact with the tour.

Imagine seeing a product on a shelf in a tour, clicking on that product and ordering it directly. Imagine finding yourself in the perfect hotel room and wanting to book that room. With a simple click, this too can be a reality.

VR Headset Ready

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as Google Cardboard bring your customers even closer by bringing immersive experiences to life. Weeks360 can produce a campaign to feature your business in VR including your own branded viewers.


Creating video from the ground up
Adding video to your arsenal of corporate collateral, can not only enhance your online web presence, but can be an effective way to gain customers and admirers alike by using it across a variety of social media platforms.

Video for Business

The Weeks360 team provides cost-effective solutions to get your message across in high-definition video.

Arial Video using Drone

Awe-inspiring video to create your marketing masterpiece

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Time-lapse photography can be used effectively to show the passing of time in environments like a gallery launch or a refurbishment project. It's affordable and effective.


Sometimes still photography won't do the object justice.

Consider our 3D photogrammetry solution to see your object in stunning high-resolution detail.

Explore by clicking and dragging around the object.


Below are a few of our favourite portfolio pieces and the sectors we work in. We invite you to explore.

Showcase by Weeks360

About Weeks360

Weeks360 started as one of the world's first Google Trusted photographers and has expanded its services to meet customer demands. Drone photography, corporate videos, general business imagery and customised virtual tours all make part of the Weeks360 integrated offering

Formed in 2012 by Mark Weeks and Lee Curry, our team has grown to include experts in each of their fields, to ensure our clients always get the very best imagery.

Mark Weeks

Mark Weeks


Mark Weeks became one of the world's very first Google Trusted Photographers when he was accredited in 2012. Since becoming a Google partner, Mark has been leading the way in the creation of virtual tours for the hotel and hospitality sector, retail and healthcare clients.

Mark's key skill is understanding what a client wants, and then translating that vision into a pixel reality.

Darren Brade

Darren Brade


Darren discovered photography and videography when he moved to London. Originally influenced by the work of Herb Ritts, he has developed my own unique style of photography, which has then translated into video.

Darren loves transforming the image in his head into a reality on screen.

Joe Booth

Joe Booth

International Sales - Middle East

Representing Weeks360 in the UAE, Joe Booth is an experienced businessman with a strong network in the Hotel and Leisure sector. He loves helping clients find the solution they need.

Based in Abu Dhabi and originally from the UK, Joe has a degree in Classics and Philosophy from Oxford University and a Masters in Organisational Behaviour from London University.

Felipe Tozzato

Felipe Tozzato


A Google Trusted photographer for over two years, Felipe has a BA (Hons) degree in Digital Photography and has created a number of virtual tours for some household names, including Costa Coffee and Regus.

In his spare time, Felipe loves creating beautiful still-life photos for businesses, including boutique clothing, luxurious flowers and private artistic portraits.

Lee Curry

Lee Curry

Director and Administrator

With a background in digital marketing working in project management, graphic design and front-end web development, Lee provides a back-end support role for the business

He knows how to crack the whip, provides client liaison and is the only one in the company who can make a proper cup of tea.

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